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Option #1: Guest Blog Posting

Eligibility: Need to have a website/blog of your own.

Publish 1 Blog: Publish 1 blog post we provided on your website's blog part, related to the magnetic hoop branding or embroidery tips/experience/knowledge.

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Option #2: Social Media Marketing

Eligibility: Need to have an account on Facebook, TikTok, Instagram or YouTube.

Create Promotional Video: Create a magnetic hoop review video and share to any 2 of the Facebook, Tiktok, Instagram or YouTube platform.

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The Steps for Getting One 5-inch Magnetic Hoop

Guest Blog Posting Steps: (No Any Expense)

Step #1: Fill the following form with your website link, and submit the information.

Step #2: We email you our already written blog for your audit. And ask for your shipping information to prepare the Magnetic Hoop delivery.

Step #3: You post the blog on your website after your audit. Email us the blog URL and your shipping information, we ship out the Magnetic Hoop and email you the parcel tracking number.

Social Media Marketing Steps:(No Any Expense)

Step #1: Fill the following form with which social media platform you had and submit.

Step #2: After double check your social media resource, we ship out the Magnetic Hoop to you once get your shipping info, and send the Parcel Tracking Number by email.

Step #3: You create the magnetic hoop review video by your native language, and share on you social media platform and send the URL to us.